Plot Our Places was conceived of at the Tallgrass Prairie Artist’s Residency in the Flint Hills of Kansas and was originally displayed at The Bank Art Space in Matfield Green, Kansas.

Currently, Plot Our Places is not on view publically. However you can contact the artist at to submit a photo or find out how to get signs mailed to you. If interested in displaying Plot Our Places or integrating it into some sort of public event please get in touch!

 In 2016 there was a Tallgrass Artist Symposium featuring lectures by all artists participating in the Tallgrass Artist Residency. The artist behind Plot Our Places, Amanda Maciuba, speaks about how this project was conceived of and created during that residency on a video of the lectures, accessible here. Skip to minute 1:29:00 for her specific discussion about Plot Our Places.
You can download  PDFs and print your own signs below:

Some strategies for posting your hand-printed SCENIC VIEW or HISTORIC LANDMARK sign:

The Band Poster Way: Grab a heavy-duty staple gun and staple your sign to the nearest telephone pole.

The Office Depot Way: Tacks & Tape. Use any random office materials you have on hand to attach your sign to the closest wall or fencepost.

The Street Artist Way: Mix up some wheat paste using flour, sugar & boiling water (recipe). Coat the flat surface you are posting to with paste as well as both sides of your sign and then temporarily paste your sign up to a wall close to your spot. (You may want to ask permission first, wheat pasted items will stay up for 2-6 weeks before wearing away in the elements).

The Discrete Way: Slip your sign in between a crack in a window pane or weigh it down on the ground with some rocks.

The Super Discrete, Environmentally Friendly Way: If it hurts your eco-friendly conscious to abandon a piece of paper out in the world (understandably so), place your sign, take a picture of your sign with your spot and then remove your sign. Plot your place digitally on the add new page and remember to be super descriptive. Your place will be tagged digitally, but not physically, forever. Send your photo to so it can be put in the gallery.