Have you ever wondered how a place becomes a historic landmark? Who decides that this specific roadside is a scenic view? There are a lot of elements that go into the decision over what historic events and locations deserve a plaque. Often one of the biggest determining factors is financial support. Is there a person, an organization, or a town that is willing to raise the capital needed to fund the marker and often, the associated parking lot and maintenance that goes along with it? This means that there are plenty of scenic views or historic landmarks throughout the United States and the world, that are important to disenfranchised or under-represented groups of people, that are passed by everyday, unknown to the casual motorist or tourist.

There are also uncountable thousands of places and associated events throughout the landscape that are special to only one specific person. The fact that they are either mundane and everyday, or important to only one person doesn’t make them any less significant than where the Santa Fe Trail supposedly passed by two-hundred years ago.

Plot our Places is about determining and sharing our own scenic views and historic landmarks in the landscape around us. Highlighting these under-represented or everyday spots within a larger audience. It gives us the opportunity to share these locations with both the communities around us and curious people just passing through a place.

If you would like to participate in the Plot Our Places project please pick up some hand printed signs at future art events or download your own signs. Scheduled events where the project will be displayed & signs can be picked up are posted on the resources page. Instructions for posting your signs are printed on the back of them or are available on the resources page as well!

Find your scenic view or historic location and post your sign by the spot (use tape, wheat paste, staples – whatever is appropriate to your location)! After you have physically placed your sign, return to the Plot Our Places website and locate your place digitally on the add new map. Title, describe and digitally plot your spot so that future participants in the project can share in your delight when visiting a historic landmark or scenic view determined by you!